“ Let me take you 

on a fitness journey, 

breaking through

every barrier and

giving you the body 

you deserve.”





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With BREAKING BALLET you will receive the entire set of SIX ballet-based, intense, fitness workouts along with EIGHT Ballet Bites, designed to train your figure and to get you toned into shape like never before. 


Each routine has been designed to be broken down and moved around into a step-by-step workout that anyone can do. Any time.


It would cost a fortune to learn this much in a real ballet workshop.  But we’re offering BREAKING BALLET for one single payment.

So click here to order and get going ...

What's in the Breaking Ballet 8 Week course?

* For the PRO, physical package orders, please allow 14-21 days for delivery because we build each package, personally for you.   * Packs for illustration purposes only. Packaging design subject to change or alteration.

"Ballet has long-held barriers and stereotypes for so many people. The perception is that it’s pink and fluffy. 

But you only have to look at the  professional performers to appreciate the power that ballet can unleash in you!"

Why Breaking Ballet will work for you.

“Breaking Ballet makes you toned, stronger and confident.

  It will improve posture and uprates fitness.”

“NO tights or legwarmers. NO tutus and tiaras.”

”Simply put, its hard work, a lot of sweat but leads to a new-found connection to your body.”

“A freakin' amazing programme.”

Here is a selection of a few of the many testimonials quoted by Breaking Ballet's very satisfied customers:

Meet your Instructor, Sarah Aspinall.

Sarah had been a trained dancer and qualified dance teacher for many years but that

is not where her BREAKING BALLET ballet story began.


“I started dancing when I was two but became a lawyer in London for ten years before having a young family.

But it was throughout my ‘legal’ years that I struggled to find a workout that I enjoyed and would fit in with such

a hectic lifestyle. I tried everything but nothing inspired me and I didn’t stick at anything for very long.


So I became very frustrated. And then I began to realise I hadn’t previously danced properly to get in

shape at all. So I made the brave move to leave the legal profession so I retrained and, in the end,

I became a ballet teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance.

It was during that time that I learned to become a tap and modern teacher (with the Imperial

Society of Teachers of Dance). I have been teaching and training people to dance ever since."


Sarah's life's work is to break down ballet’s barriers, so that everyone can enjoy a ballet

inspired workout whether they are "bendy or not ..."


"... and I’ve made it my goal in life to get them there by Breaking Ballet."

Order Breaking Ballet PRO & get physical.

Only Breaking Ballet PRO gives you an entire set of SIX ballet-based workouts on one, single USB stick. Not only that, each of the weeks is included in the 3 most popular formats;.mov for Windows PC’s .mp4 for Quicktime on Mac and .m4v for Smart TV’s so you can play it at home any time you wish. Also included in the PRO package are the following tools to help you get the most out of your workout.


Ballet Postions | Handbook      Every position you need, explained, in this guide.

Get Started | 8 Week Guide       Explains every part of the workout and more.

8 Week Diary | A3 Chart       A chart to gauge your progress and pace yourself.

Swap Diet | A3 Chart       Which foods to swap toward a leaner, trimmer figure.

Menu | 8 Week Healthy Eating Plan    Eat your way to be more toned and more healthy. 


Breaking Ballet PRO is a fantastic package designed to keep you going with

easy-to-make quick recipes and great advice o what to eat and when. And with

recipes that will give you more energy, stabilise your system & keep your levels

where they should be, optimised and ready to work out.


Breaking Ballet PRO.   The Workout Pack for your Workout.

* For physical package orders please allow 14-21 days for delivery. We build each package, for you. * Packs for illustration purposes only. Packaging design subject to change or alteration.

Breaking Ballet PRO is now available for ordering. Click here to order.

We don’t want to pretend that we have spent any time with nutritionists or experts on any fad or diet. 

Howver, Sarah has been eating (and training) her way to a healthier, happier lifestyle for years.

So the best person to write the PRO package ‘Menu | 8 Week Diet Course’ had to be her.


Menu | 8 Week Diet.          Let Sarah take you through your course’s 8 intensive weeks with some of

the most mouthwatering, easy-to-prepare recipes. Recipes that will help you lose weight as well 

as control the higher energy expectations. 


Sarah will show you what to eat as well as how much.  Including chocolate 

and some very tasty desserts to keep you on the move! All included in our

24 page, full colour,  Breaking Ballet PRO Menu | 8 Week Diet.


Ballet has never been as much fun!

With Breaking Ballet PRO you'll eat

your way to a better, firmer, fitter you.

* For physical package orders please allow 14-21 days for delivery. We build each package, for you. * Packs for illustration purposes only. Packaging design subject to change or alteration. * Handbook and Diet Guide are FREE with Breaking Ballet PRO Physical Package. 

Get into Breaking Ballet PRO and we'll

get serious with the merchandise.

Take your workouts to the limit and look the part too as you 

show the world you’re really into what you do!


Our range of specially-commissoned, professionally-designed merchandise, menus, 

diets and handbooks (free with PRO) gives you all you need to take your workouts seriously.


You always get the most out of what you do when you wear the right gear and knowing

that the gear you wear has been carefully selected by Sarah to keep you looking cool 

and keep you warm afterwards, your workouts will feel better and you will look great.






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