With Breaking Ballet PRO you'll get all the physical tools you need to get seriously physical.

Only Breaking Ballet PRO gives you an entire set of SIX ballet-based workouts on one, single USB stick. Not only that, each of the weeks is included in the 3 most popular formats;.mov for Windows PC’s .mp4 for Quicktime on Mac and .m4v for Smart TV’s so you can play it at home any time you wish. Also included in the PRO package are the following tools to help you get the most out of your workout.


  • Ballet Positions | Handbook      Every position you need, explained, in this guide.
  • Get Started | 8 Week Guide       Explains every part of the workout and more.
  • 8 Week Diary | A3 Chart             A chart to gauge your progress and pace yourself.
  • Swap Diet | A3 Chart                 Which foods to swap toward a leaner, trimmer figure.
  • Menu | 8 Week EAting Plan       Over 280 pages of recipes and facts, menus and guides, in a specially-bound edition to help you eat your way to becoming more toned and healthy. Includes sections on eating, nutrition and weekjly, visual charts showing you what to eat and when.


Breaking Ballet PRO is a fantastic package designed to keep you going with

easy-to-make quick recipes and great advice as to what to eat and when. And with

recipes that will give you more energy, stabilise your system & keep your levels 

where they should be, optimised and ready to work out.


Breaking Ballet PRO.   The Workout Pack for your Workout.

Breaking Ballet PRO

  • Available in three sizes. Small. [S] Medium [M] and Large [L]. Made of 100% quality cottton with micro stich-sewn arm sleeves and hems.

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