The NEW way to enjoy Breaking Ballet all year round!


Announcing BBACKSTAGE™ - The new, year round workout schedule designed to get you toned and into shape like never before!

MORE Live Sessions   -   MORE Challenges   -   MORE Levels   -   MORE Videos

MORE Live Sessions   -   MORE Challenges   -   MORE Levels   -   MORE Videos

Connect with your Body
Sarah Aspinall. Founder of the Breaking Ballet  Workouts

Do you dream of long, lean muscles, toned arms and a trim tummy?


Looking to try something different to your usual workout/s

as an alternative to a sweaty, crowded gym?


A place where you can connect to your body every month?


Your own, pre-planned workout regime that fits in with your hectic schedule; 

something you can do anywhere, anytime all year round?

With one to one guidance from a professional instructor?

Time to take back control.


"... You will never
feel as fit or as trim
ever again ..."


Be Fit All Year Round

About Your Instructor

Sarah Aspinall


I know what it can be like to lose touch with your body.

I went from Ballet School to Law School and ended up sat at a desk,

feeling like I was crushing my body and losing my inspiration to move, along with my fitness.


I tried all kinds of workouts, fitness regimes and fads but nothing inspired me as much as the form

and the fitness ballet gave me. I wanted something that could become a PART of me and give me an enjoyable lifestyle.

So I rekindled my love affair with dance and qualified as a ballet teacher

with a passionate desire to help other people reap the same benefits.

And so Breaking Ballet was born!

But with BBackstage™ I'm now on an even bigger mission. With an even bigger vision.

Breaking down ballet's barriers about ballet and defusing the myths surrounding it and designing

a programme that you can stick to.




So here it is. Welcome to Breaking Ballet's new baby.


BBackstage™. Your year-round, virtual dance studio with wings.

Sarah Aspinall. Founder. Backstage™

Get your life back.


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